alicea + madisen
Alicea + Madisen

“I am a married mom of two wonderful and crazy children. I work as an Administrative Secretary during the day and on nights/weekends, I’m either in the high school gym taking on girls basketball game or at the soccer fields being “that soccer mom”. I just had a Mother’s Day shoot with Madisen and Rylan. Picture day for our family always stresses me out because I am the ultimate perfectionist. We must match, but not match (if you know what I mean), so it was refreshing to just plan for jeans and dark tank top.

I was looking at Trish’s website and saw a familiar face on there, so I decided to read more about what the shoot was about. I thought that this would be a perfect way to show my daughter that it’s okay to love your body the way it is. For a while I had felt bad because I was not the “skinny” friend in my group. But now, I have learned to love myself as is and I’ve been happier since that moment. Madisen has always towered over everyone from a young age and has never felt comfortable in her body and with her going into high school this fall, I wanted to show her that it’s okay to love the skin you are in and embrace what you have!

I’m one that will not leave the house with some foundation on my face and a little eyeliner and shadow. I was hoping for the best during our shoot. I was comfortable but kind of nervous. Nervous because I didn’t know how Madisen was feeling. Most girls her age don’t want to be in photos with their Moms, so I was hoping that she would cooperate. Trish was great! Cracking jokes and making us laugh. After a few shots, we were relaxed and enjoying being together.

Seeing our proofs…I tried not to cry. She made me look beautiful with my bags under my eyes and my less than perfect smile. She captured my daughter in a whole new light— this was not my little girl; this was a young lady who’s ready to take on the world and she looked gorgeous. I could have watched that video over and over.

Ladies, do not be scared to be yourself. This shoot has made me feel empowered and I have a new sense of confidence. I have finally learned to love this body of mine..after all this time.”