Amanda, 35

“I just turned 35 and learning to embrace my “realness”. By day I am a full time Trust Accounting Auditor; by night I am a full time wife of 10 years and Mommy to three cool kids.  Basically, I am busy doing lots of things for lots of people, but rarely for myself.

The last time I was professional photographed was for my maternity photos. When I heard about this project, I was immediately intrigued. I like to think I am someone that finds beauty in the ordinary, but not when it comes to myself. As a 30-something woman, I am seeing the signs of age creeping in. As a mother, my body has changed significantly. I love this season of life I am in now as I am discovering who “I” am now that I’ve gotten through many years of having small children. I have recently lost almost 50 pounds and have also embraced my naturally wavy hair, and I thought that this session would be the perfect opportunity to celebrate the woman I am becoming… without any filters and with all of my flaws. Unapologetic. Funny tooth and all. 🙂

Trish was reassuring during the whole shoot, even when I pointed out my own insecurities. Like I said, I trusted the process, even if I was uncomfortable in any way. During the Reveal, it’s odd to see your face in so many frames, but it’s also nice to see yourself through the eyes of someone else that sees the beauty.

I would recommend this to anyone!  I speak from experience when I say it’s difficult sometimes to do something “indulgent” for myself when I could be doing something for my family instead… but every woman deserves the opportunity to see (and truly FEEL) beautiful.”