Kate, 36

“There are moments of tragedy in your life that will stay burned into your memory and change the landscape of your family. These times can shape you if you chose to find any small amount of good in them.

On January 16th, 2018 I received a call that would reshape my life. “Hello are you the owner of non disclosed rd… (yes I am). Your house is on fire, I have your dog, is there anyone else in the house. (No) Have someone drive you, the fire trucks are in route.”

Thankfully that day I was out of the house, my children were at school and I just happened to be with a dear friend who kept me calm as we drove from her beautiful home to mine. As we approached we could see the smoke in the sky. The road was lined with fire trucks … my husband in sight who had arrived only moments earlier. For the next 7 hours we watched the house burn. Four departments of volunteer firefighters were on site, taking turns fighting the fire and when able bringing our personal items out that they rescued… this fire could not be tamed. At nearly 8pm, when the firetrucks pulled out, we were able to walk through our once beautifully restored farm house built in 1880 that we loved so much it makes me hurt thinking of the memories these walls held for so many decades. Every room told a story of the event that day and no longer the laughter & smiles that once was.

The majority of my thoughts were how will I tell my children, protect them, not let this hinder them. That will become the focus going forward as we choose to see the little pieces of good among this tragic day. 

1.16.2018 the day we lost our entire home but not our livelihood.

Fearlessly Authentic. That is what I describe as “real.”  Since that day, which should have been a normal Tuesday, I have never held back when someone asked questions about the fire, our insurance or how I was doing. If your going to ask, be prepared for the answer. Too many people say, Good or I’m fine, but the truth is we aren’t. The last 10 months have been overwhelming with every emotion, there are days that I cry in the car after dropping my kids off at school, or from the constant triggers of the old normal which I miss so much. But we are so lucky to have the absolute best outcome from our fire, we are alive. 

Sharing my story only seemed natural since we should always capture the in between moments. And Trish does it with such ease, guiding you through every snap, every pose, allowing you to forget the crazy of everyday life. Giving you that moment where nothing else matters except the laughter between me and an old friend. 

We should all so gracefully share our stories, of pain, of our experiences that shape us and can possibly change those around us. We should all capture the moments in between the chaos and joy, because those are the moments that matter.”