Maci, 30

“I’m an old “old-lady” soul, who enjoys the mundane most of the time and loves bask in life’s natural beauty and what God’s land and people have to offer. Mother of, soon to be, 3 girls; which has been the best part of my journey so far in life. I’d consider myself a jack-of-all-trades. I can do anything I put my mind to, which might not be a good thing all the time but for work I’m a skincare guru and master esthetician.

My family and I get photos done together annually. But the last time I was photographed by myself would be during my 2014 wedding that Trish (and Patrick) covered! Crazy that just 4 years ago it was my wedding and here I am about to have baby #3!

I’m not a selfie taker and never had professional photos of prior pregnancies. Knowing this is most likely our very last pregnancy my husband and I thought we really should take this great opportunity to work with the BEST (Trish) and capture my maternal state this last time.

Pregnancy has really given me a new perspective on my physical being and appearance that I never had before. I’m much more comfortable with who I am and love my body for what it can do and provide rather than how I compare to others (cause let’s face it, my body was never meant to have a 6 pack haha!). I also want my beautiful daughters to SEE and KNOW that beauty doesn’t come from products, it literally radiates from within. Our souls shine through any mask we might wear on the outside.

Working with Trish is very natural for me, she truly knows what she’s doing and following her guidance she makes me feel at ease even though I might be overthinking it the whole time cause I’m not a model! Trish produces such wonderful work that it’s always overwhelming to go through the selection process. With no make-up it was a little different, I caught myself noticing “flaws” in my face and made myself stop to realize the total beauty in the shoot overall. I’m much more critical of myself than anyone else. My husband however wanted EVERY photo!

I encourage all women to book a For Real shoot—confidence as a woman is so important and something we need the next generation to know. I want my daughters to know that they’re strong, smart and beautiful just they way they are; while we can do things aesthetically to enhance all of those things, we first have to know it’s there to enhance in the first place. Girls Rule!”