sarah + sue
Sarah, 19

“I am currently working on my second college degree and work as an accounting tutor, my mom has homeschooled myself and my four siblings for over thirty years and is close to retirement. When I came across this ‘For Real’ campaign I gravitated towards it because I love the idea of promoting women’s natural beauty and celebrating how you look without makeup. 

While I was a touch uncomfortable with the idea of being photographed without any foundation, as I always wear a little to even out my face, my mom loved the idea since she doesn’t wear makeup on a regular basis. We found ourselves very relaxed and comfortable at our shoot because Trish made us feel at ease and we laughed throughout it. Remembering how similar my baby picture was to my mom’s at the same age, it was surprising and unsurprising all at the same time to see just how similar we still look. It felt encouraging to share the final photos on social media and hear how many other women were excited for someone to be proud of their natural self. My mom and I laughed at some of the comments from close friends which said we could pass as sisters. We are soooooo glad we did this shoot and will cherish the special photos.”