Amanda, 36

“I am a Mom of two boys (7 & 12), Wife to an amazing husband and a 6 year Breast Cancer Thriver. I have been a stay at home mom for 12 years and have just re-entered the workforce. I love to read, crochet and you can usually find our family volunteering at church.

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer 6 years ago. I was told I had 2 years to live. I had a double mastectomy and received 12 rounds of chemo. I choose not to have reconstructive surgery, breast cancer is not a free boob job, because at the time, I decided it wasn’t worth it if I only had two years to spend with my family. As a woman it was very difficult for me to be in public without breasts and no hair. I struggled and it was hard. I eventually over came all those fears and now I proudly walk around with my flat chest. Breasts and hair do not define a woman. They do not define me. I honestly cried over losing my hair more than my mastectomy.

A friend pushed me to do this shoot and honestly, I thought, why not me. I can do it. But I also had a lot of second thoughts about my weight, lack of breasts, would it really be worth it. In the end, I am so glad I didn’t let my doubts win, the photos truly captured who I am.

I wasn’t uncomfortable with not wearing any makeup, I don’t wear a lot anyways. I prefer to have my eyes done up as I think it deters people from noticing that I don’t have breasts. I was nervous but Trish did an amazing job of making me feel more comfortable. I trusted her and had confidence she knew what she was doing despite all the crazy positions she had me in. I was shocked at first; the pictures were beautiful and for a moment I could see past all the things that I think are wrong with my appearance. I spend too much time worrying about what others may see when they see me, but what I see in these photos is beauty in myself. My flaws make me beautiful.

As women I believe we are hard on ourselves, whether it is because of our peers, media, life, we need to see the beauty in ourselves. Despite my comfort with being breast less this shoot was hard for me, I tend to wear flowing looser fitting clothing. I was worried that other areas would be accentuated. Looking at the photos I don’t see anything accentuated except the whole package of who I am.”