Becky, 64

“I decided to do this, because Trish’s work is amazing and I never wear make-up, as I manage and train at our miniature horse and pony farm, etc. For my work however (at a clothing boutique), I enjoy putting on make-up and getting dressed up. I believe we should be multi-faceted and learn as much as possible and have fun doing it.

Growing up as an ugly duckling, who couldn’t get a date— to be in front of a camera today is fun and totally new for me. I had a hard time all my life accepting a compliment (for real).

My life is a mess and I’m a total “go go go” girl (i.e. never had a tv, people tease us about not having chairs, etc.). Then four years ago while walking at night, I slipped off our paved driveway and tore all of the tendons from my right ankle bone. As someone who is a past triathlete/biathlete/marathoner/motorcycle racer/trick water skier to present horse performance trainer, I now walk with a limp while wearing a pressure boot daily. I have been to an orthopedic surgeon who said I am the perfect candidate but am TOO active for and operation…so depression, weight gain and more depression. I have been snapping out of it by saying it could be worse (not sure how, I can’t train my ponies, which I am very proud of) but it is physically difficult to do my daily routine and chores. There’s no lifting, no stairs, it’s all no no no!

I CAN’T wear shoes either and I am a shoe freak!  My husband keeps asking when can I wear normal shoes again!!  I even dream about shoes. So, my life revolves around my ankle and other leg and back ailments caused by limping all the time and being off center.  But it could be worse, right?! I am researching good doctors for my future operation to replace my ankle (I want to find somebody good since this is a new operation). I will reinvent myself.

I considered for only a second, whether to be photographed or not. But it is an honor to be involved with Trish Hadley and this project.  Learning to love yourself as you are, even during the worst times, is VERY hard and demanding on your psyche. Women are not always supportive of one another and a ‘friend’ is sometimes a once-in-a-lifetime event. LOVE Yourself, flaws and all and learn to love your reflection.”