Bree, 39

“I am 39.75 years old and mom of two—a 21 year old (son) and 15 year old (daughter). I’m married to my high school sweetheart (for 22 years.) I am an esthetician taking care of Midland’s skincare and body needs lol. 🙂

I started my family very young, so I didn’t venture out as a young adult. I try to do as much as I can now though. I’m a wild, free spirit looking for the next adventure of mind blowing experiences (always have been but apparently I hid her in the closet the last 20 years!). WELL, NO MORE! I love to see new things, try new food, meet new people. Traveling is a passion and I love to dance so I preformed and taught Belly Dance for years. I am a practicing Yogi and teach in Saginaw and Midland. I guess you could say I’m eclectic (as is my music selection).

I’ve never been comfortable in front of a camera. I always wanted nice pictures of me but have never been comfortable with my look. Always over critical of my eyes, nose…then there was the rest of my body that I didn’t love either. Always needed to get more toned, lose 10 more pounds. My odd, short waist looked terrible in everything…things I’d tell myself all the time. The last time I was truly photographed besides selfies (and girlfriends taking cute pics) was senior pics (and a few family pics done mostly by friends with a good eye). So… 20+ years ago ?. I went to the For Real website after a friend posted about her shoot. I was stunned. These woman were perfectly captured in their raw essence and it inspired me to submit a shoot request. I’ve always wanted cool photos of myself, but there was always a reason not to.

Not wearing make-up isn’t an issue for me, I’ve never really been good at putting the stuff on so I don’t usually wear more than mascara and occasional eye shadow. I’m curious to see what full-on make up/hair for a shoot would be like… next time! 😉

I was so nervous the whole shoot my hands were sweating (well, pretty much my whole body ‘cause my pants were stuck to me when I tried to remove them!). I had the nervous laugh too. By the end however, Trish made me feel so comfortable and beautiful.  Like a fierce warrior. VERY uplifting.

After viewing the images at my Reveal, I had a brief moment in my car… I cried. I don’t normally do that and I hate to be vulnerable. But I did, not super long…maybe 5-10 minutes. They were tears of joy, shock and amazement!!  I think I cussed A LOT because I’ve never seen myself like that… ever.  I will say this—Trish captured my ‘Native’. I was in awe. I went through those pictures over and over not being able to decide on any one image, I loved them all. It was interesting and also so amazing that I looked like that with out the make-up or airbrushing my flaws away; they make me who I am, right? Scars, stretchmarks, freckles, sun spots…me!

Those crazy senior pictures I had done forever and a day ago? They edited the images so much they took my mole and big freckles off my face. It was weird and no longer me so I think I love the no make-up idea even more. I honestly think we are beautiful enough with out it. But hey, it’s still fun to still play dress up. 🙂

To every girl, woman, mother, daughter, sister, auntie, cousin, granny and more….you are beautiful, you are worth it and you deserve it. Don’t wait to do that photo shoot or to take that trip, don’t wait to be you! You are perfectly perfect just as you; let it show for the world to see.?