Jackie, 30

“I work as a registered nurse on a Progressive Care Unit (aka basically ICU stepdown). I’ve been married to my stud of a husband for 5 years and we have one fur baby. Unfortunately, having actual children of our own is proving to be quite difficult, but it’s okay we still have a great life!

The last time I was photographed professionally was at my wedding… And totally didn’t even get a picture of me alone in my dress… So that sucks! Before that… Senior pictures circa 2005-2006.

I wanted to participate in this photo shoot because I love the meaning behind it… Empowering women! Because ladies we are fabulous!

The last few years I’ve been very down and out… just completely uncomfortable in my own skin. This year I turned 30 and for whatever reason decided to love myself again… For me! I deserve it! Could I eat better… Yep! Exercise little more… Yep! But you know what even without all that, I actually am loving my curves. So much I even got in a two-piece bathing suit again in public… Ha! But let’s face it those tankinis make you feel like a freaking sopping wet dog! Ain’t nobody got time for that! The sun feels so good! So, yeah,  I love the idea behind the For Real campaign and sent in a blurb about myself and now here are these fabulous freaking photos!

I arrived super early to the shoot because I was so nervous (I actually was searching for excuses not to go the day before… Glad I didn’t listen to myself!). When the shoot started I was still nervous, but by the middle thru to the end I was good. Trish makes you feel like a rockstar… Fan blowing your hair all over like JLo, all sorts of “oh yes,”  “that’s it,” “love it” from behind the camera! It’s like you’re a real life model, lol.

Not having makeup was a bit scary, but I love that my little Freckle Thing by my lip is visible. I don’t wear makeup daily, but I always glam up for outings and such.

When it came time to view my photos I was once again nervous. Then Trish loaded them up…Daaammmnn! It’s official I’m a model! No, but really I couldn’t believe how much I loved me in that moment. The shoot is exactly what I needed! I hope I continue loving myself… It’s really better for everyone, lol!

But ladies… Seriously! You are worth it! Love yourself, love your flaws! There’s only one of you and she deserves your affection! If you don’t love you… Really love you… Then don’t get mad at others for treating you the exact same way you treat yourself. Set the bar!”

xoxo Jackie