libby + Sisters
libby, 37

“I’m a mom, wife, consultant, and most relevant to this experience, a sister. I’m one of 5 sisters ranging ages 34 to 39. While we all have incredibly different life experiences, we have a shared history and a strong bond.

I recently had photos taken by Trish for my professional head shots and the experience was so wonderful that when I saw the opportunity to bring my sisters into the fold with the For Real Campaign, I couldn’t resist!

While my head shots were amazing, they were carefully styled and curated for my professional image… which can sometimes feel very disconnected from who I am outside my career. The ‘For Real Campaign’ felt like a chance to get back to seeing myself as I truly wanted to be represented. When I saw that sister shots were an option, I thought this would be an incredible opportunity to have my sisters not only experience a shoot with Trish, but also to have a chance to see themselves in a truly beautiful light.

I’m not much for makeup, so I personally wasn’t bothered by the fresh face, but for weeks leading up to the shoot my sisters went through the various stages of grief related to the loss of makeup. Denial: “I’m so excited to be done up for the photos!”, Anger: “What do you mean NO MAKEUP? Why did you sign us up for this?!”, Bargaining: “I might have to work that day – I’m not sure if I’ll make it.”, Depression: “Oh my gosh, my skin is going to look terrible.”, Acceptance: “Okay… whatever, I’ll do it.”

We were all made to be so comfortable the day of the shoot… maybe too comfortable as we displayed all of our natural personalities for Trish to deal with! Even during our individual shots, Trish was so easy, helpful, and encouraging.

We had a dramatic Reveal of our photos while together on Christmas day. Because we were all together, it may have been easy for my sisters to hide any self-conscious reactions that they may have had if seeing the pictures while alone, but I can attest that we were all so relieved and happy about how beautiful the shots were, how incredible we all felt, how surprised we were at how beautiful we looked, and how proud we all were of each other.

This was truly one of the best experiences I’ve had with my sisters (and for myself). I’m so glad I was able to help contribute to them regaining some self confidence and so grateful to Trish for making this all possible!