michelle + grace
Michelle, 40 + Grace, 13

“I’m a mom of two and also an intervention supervisor (at-risk student support) at Freeland Middle School. I’m also a horse trainer, riding instructor and farm owner at Nevaeh K Farm. My family had pictures done last winter but prior to that I haven’t had professional ones done of me since my high school senior pictures.

Both Grace and I hit milestone birthdays (13 & 40) this year. It seemed like a good time to stop and celebrate where we are. We’re usually busy at school or just messy from working on the farm. I loved the idea of getting our hair done and being girlie for an hour. I always want to encourage her to be strong and independent and to love herself. Also, I’ve always loved Trish’s work— it’s powerful, beautiful, and honest.

I was worried I’d look sickly (with no makep on), being fair skinned and no concealer on my dark circles. It was a little intimidating in the beginning, we’ve never been photographed like that, but Trish made us very comfortable and it was a lot of fun! I found the final images to be surprisingly lovely, they will be definite treasures.

As moms, we’re usually the ones taking the pictures. It’s so special to have been a part of this, a truly wonderful experience!”